Instant Payments – Receive Only

Effective December 18th, 2023, My Community Credit Union is a participating financial institution in the FedNow Instant Payment service allowing our members to receive instant credit payments.


What is FedNow?

FedNow is a 24x7x365 instant payments transfer service offered through the Federal Reserve Bank that enables participating U.S. banks and credit unions to transfer funds within seconds.

Funds received from an instant payment will typically1 update your current available account balance immediately. Instant payments received will post to your account with the description “Instant Pay from…sender name”.

Who can send an instant payment?

The sender who originates an instant payment must have an account with a financial institution that has send capabilities2.

How can I receive an instant payment credit?

Members can receive Instant Payment credits to their saving, checking and loan accounts3 by providing their 14-digit account number and MCCU’s Routing Number to the sender.

To locate your 14-digit account number, login to Online Banking at or on your MCCU mobile app. Locate the 14-digit number to the side or underneath the account type you wish to receive the Instant Payment.

MCCU Routing Number: 316386434

If you do not have an Online Banking account, please speak with an FSR at one of our branch locations or call the number below to get you set up today!

Phone: 432-688-8400

Toll Free: 888-909-MYCU


To learn more about the FedNow Service, please visit

1 Instant payments generally occur within seconds. Certain circumstances could result in a delay or prevent an instant payment from completing. If you are expecting an instant payment and it has not posted, please contact an MCCU representative.
2MCCU currently does not offer send capabilities to its membership.
3Mortgage and Credit Card loans currently cannot accept an instant payment. Contact an MCCU representative to get more information on making a payment to these loan types.