Please provide the originating and/or sending financial institution the following information regarding the account funds are to be wired to:

Incoming Domestic

Credit Union Name My Community Credit Union
Routing Number: 316386434
Credit to Account Holder Name: Member Name*
*Must be an owner/signer in order for funds to be applied the the account.
Account Number: Your 14 digit MICR/account number
(ex: Account # 12345)
Enter "1" for transactional account, then a "3" digit suffix number 013,
then your 10 digit account number with leading zeros, 0000012345

Example MICR/Account #: 10130000012345
Credit Union Address My Community Credit Union
600 W. Louisiana Ave.
Midland, TX 79701

Wire Transfer Fees

Domestic Incoming
No Fee
International Incoming

Outgoing Wire Transfer Cut-off Times

Domestic Wires 4:00 PM CST
International Wires 2:00 PM CST