70th Anniversary Celebration

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Stuff the Bus
Please help us "Stuff the Bus" by bringing in a donation to any of our branches between July 1 - July 27. Click here to see a list of items needed.

Congratulations to Christian Rodriguez! He is the winner of the 70" TCL Smart TV!

February 70th Anniversary Loan Promotion
Close an auto loan for $30,000 or more and spin our prize wheel for additional loan discounts, gift cards and MCCU goodies!*
some limitations apply

Branch Celebrations
Please help us celebrate our 70th Anniversary by visiting any MCCU branch during the week of February 14. We want to show you some love for being our owners so long.

70 Acts of Kindness
Throughout this year MCCU will be participating in completing 70 Acts of Kindness within our communities. We would like to encourage member participation in these and other random acts by emailing in a picture of you and/or your group volunteering or just helping out someone in our community.
Email those pictures to memberservice@mccu.coop


  1. Making care packages for our troops overseas
  2. Donate coats and/or blankets to local shelter
  3. Donate hats and gloves to local shelter
  4. Pay it forward for the person in line behind you at Starbucks
  5. Donate books to local library
  6. Donate puzzle books to local cancer center
  7. Pay for someone else’s gas
  8. Make hygiene packs to hand out to homeless
  9. Volunteer or donate towels and blankets to a local animal shelter
  10. Buy desert for a family at a restaurant
  11. Read a story to a child
  12. Pay it forward for someone in line behind you at the grocery store
  13. Leave a positive online review for a local small business
  14. Blood drive
  15. Take someone out for coffee
  16. Feed the birds at your local park
  17. Volunteer at local food bank
  18. Show support for Autism awareness month
  19. Make gift baskets for local school librarians
  20. Bring treats to the office for your co-workers
  21. Purchase tickets to local sporting event for a family
  22. Leave a book in a random place with an encouraging note for whoever finds it
  23. Deposit extra change to a child’s savings account
  24. Recognize a local war veteran
  25. Donating can goods to local food banks
  26. Plant something
  27. Shred event
  28. Bring flowers to someone random
  29. Recognize great Mother’s during Mother’s day
  30. Buy lunch for a teachers
  31. Buy doughnuts and deliver to someone random
  32. Recognize great Father’s during Father’s Day
  33. Mow a neighbor’s yard
  34. Cook a meal for a family with a new baby
  35. Practice patience
  36. Pay it forward in line at lunch
  37. National give something away day
  38. Send a kind message to someone random
  39. Cook a meal for a family that just lost a loved one
  40. Let someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store
  41. National Dollar Day
  42. School supply backpack drive
  43. Help elderly with household chores or yard work
  44. Purchasing school supplies for kids in need
  45. Volunteer at local soup kitchen
  46. Recognize Grandparents
  47. Compliment someone random
  48. Donate books or puzzle books to nursing homes
  49. Sponsor a child’s school lunch for a week
  50. Bake cookies for an elderly neighbor
  51. National make a difference day
  52. International Credit Union Day
  53. Show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  54. Pick up liter
  55. Donate warm socks and throws to a local nursing home
  56. Pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you
  57. Donate pumpkins to local shelter at Halloween for children to decorate
  58. Donation to local humane society
  59. Donate a turkey for a family in need during Thanksgiving
  60. Send thank you cards to nurses and doctors
  61. Volunteer at HEB Feast of Sharing
  62. Volunteer at local recycle company during Texas Recycles Week
  63. Donate toys for children at Christmas
  64. Donate bears to local women’s shelter
  65. Donate a ham to a local family in need for Christmas
  66. Sponsoring a family for the holidays
  67. Provide coffee to first responders
  68. Send handwritten notes to new account holders
  69. Ask for donations rather than birthday gifts
  70. Last but not least share a SMILE