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My Community is pleased to offer our NEW Mastercard® World Rewards Card!

The World Rewards Card is a platinum credit card that gives cardholders rewards just for using the card!  

  • Earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent!  
    • Points can be used on various rewards as you choose
    • Rewards Options include the following:
      • Travel, concerts, sporting events, theme park tickets, retail products, gift cards, magazines, charitable donations, and more!
    • Visit the Rewards Site
  • $25 Annual Fee (Program Admin Fee) - lower than most reward cards on the market
  • Foreign Transaction Fee of 1%
  • 25-day grace period

 Click here to read the complete guide to benefits.

 World Rewards 
Annual Percentage Rate
For Purchases & Balance Transfers
as low as 11.74% APR*
Annual Percentage Rate
For Cash Advances
as low as 13.74% APR*
Variable Rate

Prime Plus 8.49% - 14.49%*

Grace Period For Purchases 25 Days
Method of Computing Balance
for Purchases & Cash                       
Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Annual Fee $25
Minimum Finance Charge None
Transaction Fee for Purchases 1% for Foreign Currency Conversion
Late Payment Fee Not to exceed $15, if applicable
Return Check Fee $20

Charges incurred by use of the Mastercard® card are due on receipt of the account statement.

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